April 4, 2020

Keep these things in mind before using the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature

WhatsApp is used for many things, from voice to chat. The company has also introduced a number of features from time to time to improve its platform, which has doubled user experience. In this sequence, the company introduced the Delete For All feature, which allows the deletion of any specific or specific chat message. If seen, it’s a very beneficial feature, but before you use this feature, it’s very important for you to take care of some of the things we’re giving you here.

Keep these things in mind when using the Delete For All feature:

1. If you want to use this feature, you and the message you want to delete must have the latest version of WhatsApp. If not the latest, then at least the update to which this feature has been rolled out.

2. If you send any photos or videos to someone on WhatsApp’s iOS platform and delete them immediately, they’re still stored in your iPhone gallery. Whereas if you delete videos and photos on Android phones, it will also be deleted from the gallery.

3. If the person you sent the message reads the message, this feature will not work. In such a situation, if you send a message to someone by mistake, it is better to delete it immediately.

4. Even if you delete a message sent to a person, the receiver will also know that you have deleted a message because it will be written in the message that was deleted.

5. If you want to delete a message, you have an hour to use this feature.

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